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Ok dudes, check out this slut Amy Lee. When she stepped in to my office I could tell she was a slut. She reminded me of a skank I used to pound with my buddies back in my hometown. I decided that she was in need of a session of hypnosis. As soon as I put her in a trance, I took off her clothes. Holy shit! She had a tight body. I told her to start touching herself. The thing was she didn't fall completely into a trance, and she was in some fucked up half awake dream like state. I thought I was busted for sure, but to my surprise she started to bang herself and pinch her nipples. I thought maybe because she wasn't fully asleep that maybe I shouldn't fuck her, but after seeing her touch herself I just had to pound her. Haha and you guys will love how she took the cum shot. 

Angelina had HUGE tits! But let me tell you what happened. She was a student at the school nearby and saw my add in the student paper. She had problems with her english, and lacked self-confidence to attack her problem. I told her I could cure her with an hypnosis session, no sweat. She asked a lot of questions about my credentials, and why the hell there was a camera, but I told her the usual bullshit and she fell for it. I ended up fucking her, getting blown, and dropping a load on her face! At one point I even called my assistan in, and he jerked off and came on her face. After a little clean up, I made her put her clothes back on and forget what just happened! I love my job!

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